Could You Change The Ending?

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Could You
Change The Ending?

Strategy, Copy & Illustration Since Forever

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Project. Math. Writing. Computers. We teach elementary school kids a lot -- but not psychology.

Which is a shame, because a basic understanding of human behavior would help children navigate the classroom... and everything thereafter, including the grown-up version of classrooms: offices.

So the idea here is to make a picture heavy book that teaches kids of between eight and eleven years old psychology in a language they understand.

Above is a sample page, dealing with an unexpected motivation behind bullying: aggressors are rarely at the top of some playground tribe. Rather, most bullying takes place among insecure kids in the middle of a pecking order, those who worry that some outsider is “better” than them in some way (and therefore in danger of replacing them within the group).   
My Role. Concept, illustration, design, copy.