Could You Change The Ending?

Strategy, Copy & Illustration Since Forever

"A brilliant thinker and writer." Dave Bell, MD & Creative Partner, KesselsKramer.

“Christian is a critical thinker and strategic problem solver with great writing skills. Besides being an honest and caring person.” Corinne Genestay, Independent Creative Strategist.

"Christian has the ability to think of new ideas, improve ideas and word them in the most witty/clever/fun and surprising way."  Karel De Mulder, Partner, AIR.

"The only person I know who has been asked not to bring so many ideas to the table. They literally pour out of him. All of them brilliant, different, and very on brand." Andrew Forrest, Creative Director, Ogilvy.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Bollocks! What about jealousy? I've been jealous of Christian's work since forever. And rightly so." Ross Fowler, Freelance Creative Director.

Change The Ending

Strategy, Copy & Illustration Since Forever

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The short version. I’ve been a creative since 2001, which feels like several eternities.

On the upside: I’ve had time to develop multiple ways of addressing a communications problem, including creative strategy, various forms of writing and conceptual thinking, and image-making. 

The company name refers to my first ever client feedback. Fifteen year old me had a short story accepted by a well-known magazine. The editor had only one comment. 

My name’s Christian Bunyan, by the way. Hello.
The slightly longer version. After university in England and the U.S., I took a post-grad at Britain's best advertising school. Although titled “Copywriting & Art Direction,” the course’s focus was creative strategy. Reason being: you need clear strategy to generate clear executions.  

I received a distinction, the highest grade possible, and the highest grade in three years. 

Then: ad agencies and client-side comms jobs. Projects ranged from communications for small businesses to global corporations, product development, teaching, technical writing, directing commercials and short films (one of which appeared at BAFTA), and exhibitions (including the Venice Biennale). My responsibilities ranged from press release writing to chief editor to curator to Head of Copy to creative lead.

Concurrently, I spent eight years as a ghostwriter, covering design, advertising, photography, and the business of creativity. My work appeared in everything from Vogue to Time. I also continued to study the craft, with teachers including published novelists and professional editors.

I ended up working for myself, and studied illustration for five plus years, as well as digital marketing and various forms of design. My mentors numbered marketing professionals, design professors, and artists at Pixar, Disney, Sony, Ubisoft, and Industrial Light & Magic. On the illustration side, I’ve produced images for a camera equipment maker (whose clients include Will Smith), authors, a global tech company, and an Australian collective dedicated to positive scientific news.  

My published work includes articles, essays, books, and short stories. A book of mine sold out in hardback, and one of my stories was picked for a "best of" anthology. Weirdly enough, my most successful text was a disclaimer for a hotel website, which got covered on MSNBC, NBC and CNN.  

In my spare time, I enjoy reading, spending time with my family, and being choked unconscious (I study MMA).

Resume. Me, condensed into two pages here.


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