Could You Change The Ending?

Hybrid Creative: Strategy, Concept, Art, Copy

"A brilliant thinker and writer." Dave Bell, MD & Creative Partner, KesselsKramer.

“Christian is whip-smart and his ability to translate complex briefs into brilliant creative work is frightening.” Job Van Dijk, Exec Creative Director & Product Lead.

“Christian is a critical thinker and strategic problem solver with great writing skills. Besides being an honest and caring person.” Corinne Genestay, Independent Creative Strategist.

"Christian has the ability to think of new ideas, improve ideas and word them in the most witty/clever/fun and surprising way."  Karel De Mulder, Partner, AIR.

"The only person I know who has been asked not to bring so many ideas to the table. They literally pour out of him. All of them brilliant, different, and very on brand." Andrew Forrest, Creative Director, Ogilvy.

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Bollocks! What about jealousy? I've been jealous of Christian's work since forever. And rightly so." Ross Fowler, Freelance Creative Director.

Could You
Change The Ending?

Hybrid Creative: Strategy, Concept, Art, Copy

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Project. Grand Marnier wanted to appeal to a younger market. Under the heading “Crusading for Le Charme,” the campaign sought to instill a little French charm into a charmless world. It did so via digital advertising written live in response to the day’s news and appearing on prominent news sites, as well as TV ads, a music video, viral films, a website, and print/posters. 

My Role. Copy, strategy, concept, directing commercials/a music video, some account handling.